Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm an Idiot...or...I'm REALLY Dedicated to my Job!

Obviously this post isn't about cupcakes.  Sorry...

Anyway, on Tuesday I was sitting in my office, pouring over a plaintiff's medical records, doing some research into the various pain medications he has been prescribed over the two years since his accident.  I do some google searches for the uses of the medications, side effects, etc.  One is a muscle relaxer, one is an anti-inflammatory, and the third is a narcotic pain med.

Then I leave and go to hot yoga.

If you've never tried hot yoga, you should.  It's awesome.  But you should be careful.  Very, very careful. In this particular yoga class we do a lot of inversions (we go upside down).  Well, near the end of class I attempted to do something that is similar to a headstand.  I failed in a painful way.  Nothing big happened, I just put my legs up and my neck went slightly to the left.  And then there was pain.  Nothing bad at first...but gradually it grew.  And now I'm on the same pain meds as the plaintiff!  (minus the anti-inflammatory).

So, the moral of the story is I'm really dedicated and just wanted to know first hand what the side effects of these pain meds are.  So, thank you hot yoga.  

PS - if one more person tells me about the STUPID New York Times article from a month or so ago that details the dangers of yoga, I may scream!  Yes people, yoga, just like every other athletic activity, can lead to injuries.  If done improperly.  Like I did.  

Ok, rant over!

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