Couture Cupcakes - Prices & Ordering

Baby shower, birthday party, bachelorette party, matter the occasion, everyone enjoys a cupcake!

If you are in Wichita, Kansas, or the surrounding area, and interesting in ordering the Libatious Litigator's Couture Cupcakes for your special event, please contact me at

Plain Jane Cupcakes - plain vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with a standard butter cream or cream cheese frosting:
- $15.00 per dozen

Couture Cupcakes - most of the cupcakes on this blog fall into this category.
- $2.50 each
- $28.00 per dozen

Filled Couture Cupcakes - the name says it all!  Add a filling to your cupcake and increase the deliciousness!
- $3.00 each
- $33.00 per dozen
All orders are subject to my availability.  Prices may be changed.  Individual cupcake price only applicable if I am out and about selling my cupcakes (think, farmers market).

All orders must be picked up at a designated time and location.  Cupcakes can be delivered for an additional fee.

Flavor options are up to you!  I am more than willing to recreate anything you've seen on this blog.  I am also willing to do some research and find a cupcake specifically for your event. 

Email me with inquiries: