Really, Another Blog About Baking?!

Ok, so I know what you're thinking - does the Internet really need another blog about some person learning how to bake?  Honestly, the answer is an overwhelming, resounding NO!  But, here I am anyway! 

So here is the background story to my baking - I grew up resisting all things even remotely domestic.  I begrudgingly did the chores I was assigned at home, which sometimes included things like laundry, but I never volunteered.  Then I moved to college.  Apparently when you move out of your house and into a dorm, the laundry fairy stops coming by and you have to actually use the machines if you want clean clothes (unless you're my brother, who apparently has a wardrobe size most women would be envious of.  I swear he would be gone for an entire semester only to arrive home for a break with a truckload full of dirty clothes that my loving mother actually washed!).  

So, domestic step one - learn to accept the fact that you have to wash, dry, fold, and put away all of your own clothes.  

Four very short years later I graduated from college, went to law school, and moved into my first apartment  where I learned fast that if I wanted to eat I would need to either (a) learn to cook or (b) accept the fact that I would be spending all of my money on take-out food.  Being too cheap to spend everything on take-out food (along with having other adult-like responsibilities like...oh, I don't know, bills), I opted for option (a).

Enter the crock-pot - the single greatest invention for people who love to eat but hate to cook. 

Throughout law school I worked on my cooking.  I even expanded beyond the crock-pot recipes.  At one point, my law-school friends told me that I was the most "home-makery" (is that even a word?) of our group...which made my mom and sister laugh so hard I am fairly certain they cried! 

In the past year and a half my life has changed drastically.  I graduated from law school and took a job in for the first time in my life I moved out of Iowa and seven hours away from my family and most of my friends.  I took the bar exam and despite the fact that near the test I lost the ability to sleep, I actually passed!  Shortly thereafter I began my job as a baby lawyer.  One thing I wasn't prepared for when I entered the working world was the amount of free time I would have.  This may be because I live about 2 minutes from work and everyone I know is in a different state.  Still, I have loads of free time.  I needed a hobby.

Enter baking. 

I've decided to learn how to bake (and hopefully will be using a lot of recipes that contain some form of booze)...which, for the most part, is what this blog will be about!  However, I'm sure a story or two about various other aspects of my life will creep in occasionally.  You are more than welcome to steal my recipes (which I have no doubt stolen from other people anyway), comment when something looks good (or disgusting), ask questions (though I probably wont know the answer), or just lurk and read!  Enjoy!

PS - I'm not very feel free to teach me how to make this blog look or work better.