Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Opinion on Things You Don't Want My Opinion On

1.  I just finished the book The Night Circus, which you can and should buy here.

I loved this book.  Its the story of a mysterious circus that shows up at various locations around the world and is only open from dusk until dawn.  More than that, it is the story of the performers within the circus (as well as the people who created the circus and the patrons of the circus).  Within the circus, there is also magic, an intense competition, and a love story.  It's a story you can get completely lost in.  I was especially impressed that this was the author's first novel!  LOVE!  So...if you enjoy a good love story wrapped in a little bit of magic and mystery, you should definitely read this book! 

2.  Last night, most of the female attorneys in my law firm went out for drinks and then went to a late showing of the latest installment of the Twilight series:  Breaking Dawn Part I.  We sat in the balcony of the theater where we could order food and drinks (and our seats had seat warmers...seriously!).  It was a really fun time...and the movie was...fine...I guess. 

There were A LOT of awkward expected. 

There were some hilarious moments that I'm not entirely sure were meant to be hilarious (like the talking werewolves...WTF?).

There were not nearly enough shirtless running men.  Just saying.  Very disappointed in the lack of shirtless running men. 

Maybe they're saving the shirtlessness for Part II?  One can only hope...

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