Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Love My Job!

As with most jobs, there are days when I love mine and days when I don't.  I feel very lucky that most days are days that I love it.  This week, I am happy to report that I love it times a million.  Because this week, my job allowed me to be publicly snarky to someone who totally deserved it.

Currently, I am working with a partner on a case we are appealing to the Kansas Court of Appeals.  A few months ago, the partner and I wrote a brief in support of our case, and last month the opposing party wrote a response.  In their response, the opposing party, talking about one of the cases we cited in support of one of our arguments, wrote something along the lines of that they had scoured the page that we cited, and the quotation that we cited does not exist on the page.

We had pin-cited the wrong page.  Sometimes that happens.  Our bad.

The opposing party had obviously read the entire case as it was the case they cited throughout their entire brief.  Their little comment re: our missed pin-cite really bothered me...

It obviously bothered the partner I was working with as well because in our reply to their response, the partner asked me to correct the pin-cite and draft a footnote responding to snark in their is my reply:

"In the opening [brief], [we] inadvertently included the wrong pinpoint citation to the [] decision, which was cited as authority for the proposition [supporting our argument].  In its brief, [opposing counsel] brought this mistake to [our] attention, arguing that it had been unable to find the quoted language on the cited page.  [We] hope that by correcting the pinpoint citation in this Reply, [opposing counsel] will be able to locate the [] quotation in [our] opening brief."

Ok, so it isn't all that snarky, but it is enough to be like a little slap in the face at their childishness...which I love.  

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