Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The People of Walmart

So I did some baking for Easter, but this post isn't about that.  This post is about my trip to Walmart to get my baking supplies.  I'm a procrastinator, so I waited until Sunday morning to go to the store to purchase my ingredients.  I wasn't really sure what stores would be open on a holiday (in the bible belt), so I opted for Walmart because I figured it was a sure bet. 

During my time at Walmart, I had multiple interactions with strangers:

(1)  Within 5 minutes of being in the store, as I was wandering around by the checkout lanes trying to find one that had cold Diet Pepsi, an older gentleman walked up to me and asked me to verify that he was purchase the correct light bulb.  He had his old light bulb and the new one he wanted to purchase...we agreed that there was a little indentation at the top and that appeared to be the only difference.

(2)  A few minutes later, a middle-aged man in an...interesting suit approached me.  He had a full gold "grill" and a very nice hat.  He was looking for a woman to help him re-tie his tie.  I was apparently the 18th to turn him down.

(3)  While looking for peanuts, and older gentleman started talking to me about where to find the powdered popcorn flavoring.  We agreed it should be near the popcorn.  He encouraged me to eat more popcorn and told me his favorite brands.

(4)  Finally, while getting some food coloring two black men approximately my age came into the aisle and asked if I happened to know where they could find Easter egg dye.  I said I did not but told them they could use food coloring, water, and vinegar and it would work the same.  They thanked me and turned to walk away and I heard one (who had his goatee in pigtails) say to the other, "See, white people are so smart."  Seriously. 

Anyway, the people at Walmart were very, very friendly on Easter. 

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