Monday, August 8, 2011

Epic Burrito

At the end of June, Ian and I took a much needed vacation...back to Iowa (I know, it is rather exotic).  We were in Iowa to visit two of our best friends, Pete and Olivia, who moved to Washington about a year and a half earlier, and this was to be the first time we had seen them since their move.  It was also the first time we met their adorable baby.

Over the course of the week we visited our favorite watering holes from our previous lives as young and irresponsible adults.  It was a fantastic week full of shopping, games, and martinis...and flower headbands...

I did zero baking on this trip.  In fact, no one did any baking on this trip (that I am aware of).  What we did do was participate in an epic mealtime.  I don't really understand epic mealtime.  I think its a guy thing.  What I do know is that prior to heading to Iowa, Ian informed me that at some point during this trip we were going to eat possibly the most fattening and bacon filled meal that has ever existed.

We were making an Epic Burrito.  I use the word "we" loosely, because I did zero cooking of the Epic Burrito.  

Ian and Pete came up with an Epic Burrito plan of action.  I can't really tell you what it was.  I can tell you that they made a burrito shell out of a bacon weave.  The burrito was filled with more bacon (seriously), chorizo, green pork, hamburger, beans, and rice.  Then we smothered it.  In homemade cheese dip.  The cheese dip also contained all of our leftover meat.  This was the type of meal you are almost certain is going to kill you as you eat it.  Amazingly, we all survived!  Here is a picture of the burrito pre-cheese dip smothering!  I know it looks really scary, but it was AMAZING (for one time only...seriously, you could NOT eat this on a regular basis)!

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